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                                                                        20- Aug-2016

“Simpkins Turned Krishnmay on Janamastmi”

20 August 2016, Simpkins School celebrated Janamastmi festival with great devotion. On this occasion “ A Fancy Dress competition was held on the theme of “Radha Krishna” and “ Brij culture”.  Students from class Nursery to V (fifth) participated in it . Students presented live image of Krishna Radha, Maa Yashoda, Gwal Baal, Shesh Naag, in different attire. It seemed as whole Brij  was there on Simpkins ground. On this auspicious occasion, Director Mr. Vijay Kumar, and Manager Madam  Mrs Rita Saha took blessings from Lord Krishna impersonating students and they appreciated the efforts of the students. “Solo Dance” competition was also held on this occasion, where the students from class 6 to 9 participated. On this occasion, to encourage students Madam Academic head  told the students about the importance of “ Brij Culture” and “Janamastmi festival”. The function was over with prize distribution . First prize was awarded in Fancy Dress competition to Pranshu (Lord Krishna), second was Abhigyan ( Sheshnaag), and third prize was given to Akriti Saraswat as Radha. In solo dance competition, First prize was awarded to Shruti (std VII), Second was Jahnvi (std VIII), and third Uditi (std VII) from Junior section. Whereas from Senior Section First prize was awarded to Shreyanshi Kulshrestha (Std IX), and Second was Yashi Tiwari (std VIII) and Nivisha Kulshrestha was awarded third position. The programme was judged by Music Teachers of the school, Mrs. Bala Kulshrestha, Ms Shraddha Kulshrestha and Mr. Jhankaar.


15- Aug- 2016

“Patriotism throbbed Simpkins Heart on Independence Day”

On 15 August 2016, Simpkins School celebrated 70th Independence Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The function was started by Flag Hoisting. The Flag Hoisting ceremony was performed by Director of the school, Mr. Vijay Kumar, Manager Madam Rita Saha and Academic Head Madam Shobha Francis. They tribute all freedom- fighters by garlanding their pictures. The whole Simpkins was echoed with the heart throbbing sound and slogan of “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. After flag – hoisting, March Past was presented by the students of different houses and students saluted Indian Tri -Color Flag with great bow and respect. Forth while cultural programme was presented by students on different patriot songs viz”Vande Matram” , “Dharti sunheri Ambar neela”,” Mera Mulk Mera Desh”, to kindle the fire of Nationalism amongst all. Including the same, Director of the school congratulated all students and teachers on Independence Day . He promoted and urged students to follow the principle of “Unity in Diversity” and help India to be on the top of world. Madam Academic head delivered a speech addressing students and teachers, telling the importance of “Independence Day”. The function was ended up with the sweet distribution amongst students. The programme was conducted by Yukti Verma, Priyanka Kaur, Sambhav Jain, Ayush Chakravarti with great nation feeling.

International Yoga Day Celebration at Simpkins

Date : 21-06-2016

‘International Yoga Day’ was organized at Simpkins on 21 June. The initiation was done by Yoga Prayer. It was followed by students performing various asanas, under the guidance of an instructor. ‘Surya- Namaskar’ began the Yoga Practice. Further ‘Anulom-Vilom, Tada-asana, Vajra Asana, Manduka Asana, Chakra Asana, Paschimota-asana were practiced concluding with ‘Sidha Asana. Almost 1000 students & teachers participated in this activity. The instructors were-Prerna Bhatnagar & Renu Jain. Various competitions were also organized on this day as- Essay writing, Drawing, Poster Making, General Knowledge etc. The themes of all the competitions were – ‘Yoga – An art of living healthy life’ & ‘Importance of Yoga’. Class 1 to 5 students enjoyed practicing asanas with music, they were thrilled to enjoy it.

Director Vijay Kumar advised the students about the importance of practicing yoga daily. Manager – Rita Saha disclosed the fact that happiness & healthy outlook is the result of regular yoga practice. The programme was managed by Shraddha Kulshrestha & with the efforts of teachers that made it a successful event.



                            DATE: 23rd June 

In an endeavor to provide holistic education to each child at Simpkins, Summer Camps each year has been playing an integral part. This year  too, 10 days of carefully designed program included skills enhancement in the field of Creativity like Best out of Waste, Flower making and arrangement, needle work, Calligraphy, Digital art, cooking without fire, Yoga, classical dance form like Kathak, Instrumental Music, song, dramatics et all. Keeping in mind the adage “Healthy Body has a healthy Mind” we in the evening had sports activity too during Summer Camp which included many sports/games like, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Martial Art, Skating, Table Tennis, Basket ball and Volleyball. Children enjoyed to the hilt all the activities and learnt the skills and nuances of the activities they chose. Celebrating the achievement of students and teachers keeps them motivated and this was the objective behind the Culmination Function. The Function was formally inaugurated by the Director of the School Mr. Vijay Kumar Kohli, Mrs. Reeta Saha, the Manager of the School, Principal and Academic Head by lighting the ceremonial lamp and garlanding of the idol of Maa Saraswati amidst chanting of shloka. Students presented lovely dances like Kathak, Koli Dance, welcome dance on the tune Good Morning… just to be mesmerized by the synchronized Instrumental fusion where in students exhibited their skills in Guitar, Synthesizer, Key Board, Drum, Congo etc. Showcasing of the dramatics skills by through a Hindi play was much appreciated by one and all. Yoga display received thunderous applause for the impeccable demonstrations of various asanas, Melodious song sung by the students exhibited the dexterity of the students skills in English as well as Hindi songs with ease. Displays of art and craft, Best out of waste in a very attractive manner were loved by all. Ms. Reeta Saha proposed the vote of thanks and lauded the effort of teachers and students besides promising all support for such activities in future. Comperes Ms. Savita, Ms. Shradhha, Ms. Chandrakanta, Ms. Prerna kept the audience glued to their seats through their connect with the audience. The Summer camp was very nicely spearheaded by Ms. RinaSaha, Ms. Neeta Garg, Supervisors Ms. SarojKalra and Ms. UshaSarkar, Ms. Subhashini Khandoori, Ms. Arti Dodeja Music Department led by Ms. Bala Kulshrestha, Mr. Pankaj, Mr. Jhankar, and Ms. Rajeshwar Kapoor added musical flavor to the program.

Sports teachers, and teacher Mentors of different activities and Dr. Nigam saw the success of this year’s Summer Camp.


Date 08-05-2016

World Red Cross Day was celebrated on 7 May at Simpkins School, Agra. A warm welcome was given to the chief Guest & other invitees. The graceful presence of DM- Pankaj Kumar, ADM City – Rajesh Srivastava, CMO- V.S Yadav, Chairman of Red Cross Society- Dr. Nirmal Chopra, Secretary- Dr. A.K Gupta, Treasurer- Premchand Jain, Social Worker- Ashok Jain CA, Pooja Bharti, Dr. Ashok Brahambhat, Director Simpkins School- Vijay Kumar, Manager- Rita Saha & Principal- Sharat Kumar Singh was a matter of applause & appreciation.

The program initiated with garlanding of Goddess Saraswati’s idol & lamp lighting. Various programs followed including Welcome Dance, Speech etc. The chief guest honoured the school’s best students by giving awards to – Karan Kohli & Pooja Agarwal.

Special Reward was given to the Director Vijay Kumar & Manager Rita Saha .DM praised the work of Red Cross society. Vote of thanks was given by Manager Rita Saha expressing that Simpkins is always available for such activities & Programs.

The compering of the program was managed  by Savita Kumari And Dr. Chakreshwari Dixit.

Special Contribution of Neeta Garg, Rina Saha , A.K Nigam, Shraddha Kulshrestha, Shweta Jain, Lucky Arora, Sunita Dharamsewak, Meenu & namita made the program a great success.

Date- 10-08-2015

 Investiure Ceremony at Simpkins School Campus

 On August 10, 2015, the investiture ceremony took place at Simpkins School  Campus, Maruti Estate, Agra. The Director, Mr. Vijay Kumar Kohli, Manager Mrs. Reeta Saha and the Principal Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh did the honours by offering badges and shash to the new School Cabinet Members.

  With it the responsibility was handed over to them. The newly elected members by the Management for the post of Head Boy,Ehsas Pachauri, Head Girl, Purvi Agarwal, Vice Head Boy, Manish , Vice Head Girl Pragati Sharma, Cultural Incharge Vaibhav Singh and Somya Sharma, Discipline Incharge Muskan Agarwal and Dhruv Agarwal, Sports Captain Krishna Bhaskar and Vineeta Singh, Media Incharge Simran Sharma and Swarnima Jain were given the respective flags. Shalabh Bansal, Devanshi Khanna , Nisha, Swapnil , Rajat, Varun Sarkar were felicitated with badges and shash of the four houses Fraternity ,Integrity, Loyalty, Courtesy. Holding the flags high the new school Cabinet Members saluted to the management and took the oath of being sincere and faithful towards the responsibility entrusted to them. On this momentous moment the Management congratulated all the Cabinet Members. The Management wished them all a promising bright future. On the occasion , the Principal asked the students to helped the newly formed Cabinet by co-operating, as these members were their representatives. The programme was hosted by Prachi Upadhyay. The event was made successfully by the special efforts of Ms. Neeta Garg, Ms. Rina Saha, Ms. Shraddha Kulshrestha, Ms. Shweta Jain, Ms. Saroj Kalra, Ms. Usha Sarkar, Ms. Lucky Arora, Ms. B. Anitha , Mr. Shiv Kumar, Mr. Ravindra Singh and Mr. Ashish Jain,




International Yoga Day Camp Organized at Simpkins


International Yoga Day camp was successfully organized today at Simpkins School. The Program was presided over by the Director of the school Mr. Vijay Kumar. Approximately 450 students and 150 teachers participated fervently in the camp from 7:00 to 7:35 a.m. A workshop was also conducted under the guidance of Dr. Gautam who expounded explicitly the importance of Yoga in human life to live a healthy and perfect life. The workshop commenced with lighting of the lamp before the deity Maa Saraswati by the Director of the school Mr. Vijay Kumar, the Manager of the School Ms. Reeta Saha and the Principal Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh. The principal f the school expressed his gratitude for the cooperation lent by Satya Sai Organization of Mathura. All the participants were elated at the experience they had performing different asanas of the Yoga. The program was compered by Mrs Savita and Mrs. Shraddha Kulrestha .

Date : 30th May 2015



 Summer Camps play a vital role in the Holistic development of a student. Simpkins School has always put in its best to give an ample opportunity to the budding learners. The School organized a summer camp with a variety of activities from 21st May 2015 to 30th May 2015. The bubbling energy was shown a path. Honourable Director Vijay Kumar, Manager Mrs. Rita Saha, members of the management, Principal Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh and teachers were the guiding source behind the successful culmination of the camp. Students not only enjoyed learning – Flower Making, Painting, Dance, Yoga, Dramatics, Spoken English, Chess, Outdoor Games, Fireless Cooking, Instrumental Music, Calligraphy, Martial Art, Mehandi but also learnt to work & perform in the group. The Summer Camp was conducted under the guidance of coordinator Ms. Rina Saha, administrator Ms. Neeta Garg & Supervisors Mrs. Sunita Dharam Sevak, Mrs. Saroj Kalra & Mrs. Usha Sarkar. The programme was anchored by Mrs. Savita, Mrs. Shraddha & Ms. Shilpi. The programme ended with an adieu to summer camp 2015.


Date : 08th May 2015


Agra May 08 : World Red Cross Day was observed at Simpkins School premises Maruti Estate, Bodla Road Agra with a variety of programmes.

Red Cross Society was established in 1920 and since then it has been active in society helping the helpless, looking after the sick and wounded soldiers,  organizing voluntary blood donation camps. Its 700 branches are active in India.

The programme began with the welcoming of the chief guest Mr. Deepak Meena, C.D.O. Agra, Mr. Dinesh Yadav D.I.O.S. Agra, Dr. B.S. Yadav, C.M.O., Agra, Mr. Prem Chand Jain Treasurer (Red Cross Ass.), Mr. Vijay Kumar Director, Simpkins School, Mr Sharat Kumar, Principal, Simpkins School, Mrs. Reeta Saha, Managar of Simpkins School Agra jointly chaired the function.

The guest were given a traditional welcome with Tilak and showering of flower and boquet presentation. The chief quests jointly garlanded Maa Saraswati’s idol with Gayatri matra and lighting of the lamp. The Director, Mr. Kohli, the Principal, Mr. Singh and the Manager, Mrs. Saha welcomed the guests wholeheartedly.

Students of junior school sang a welcome song and the Principal addressed the audience.

He not only spoke about the guests but appreciated their achievements in their respective fields. The members of the Red Cross Society spoke about the commitment and meritorious service done by the Indian Red Cross Society . On the occasion a speech competition was held among X to XII grade students. On the topic give by (Red Cross Society) “Our Principles and actions”

The Guests appreciated the performance of the competitors. Intermittently the student presented a variety of dances and skits related to Red Cross theme. According to them all the students spoke well but since the winners could be three, they asked the other competitors not to be discouraged. With the announcement of the result the suspensive moment was over. Purvi Agarwal of class XII stood first while Shalabh Bansal of class XI bagged the second prize and Niyati Singh of class X was on the third position. The winners were awarded with accolades and certificates whereas others received the participation certificate. The Red Cross Members spoke about the society and about the blood donation camps. They also spoke about the work done by the society when the earth quake struck Nepal. The head boy Eahas Pachori presented the main guests with mementoes and gifts. Soon after Mrs. Manager proposed a vote of thanks. Dr. A.K. Gupta was invited on the dias to express his views. He appreciated the school and students. According to him Simpkins School has always remained ahead in community service and the welfare of the society. Not only that the school has always taken initiative to help the weaker section of the society, be it in the field of education or by organizing various camps from time to time. The programme was successful by the team effort of the school teachers. The programme was concluded with National Anthem.

 Date : 09-02-2015


Maa Sadhana Volley Ball Cup was held on 5th and 6th Feb. 2015 in Agra Public School, Artoni. Twelve teams from various schools of Agra participated in the event. Students of Simpkins School Kept the viewers spell bound by their astounding performance. In the 1st match Simpkins students defeated the team of Boston Public School. Semi Final match was between the teams of Radha Vallabh School and Simpkins School. Here, again Simpkinians defead the opposite team vigorously. The Final match was played between the teams of Agra Public School and Simpkins School. Once again Simpkins students vigorously defeated APS Team. The score in the 1st set was 19-25 and in 2nd set it was 20-25 respectively. The Director of the school, Mr. Vijay Kohli and the Manager, Mrs. Reeta Saha encouraged the team with rewards for their commendable achievement. The principal, Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh acclaimed the winner team and encouraged. Other with a promise that conducive opportunities will be provided to them to groom and develop their latent qualities.

Date : 26-01-2015

Republic Day Celebration

On  26th January 2015 , the 66th Republic Day of India was celebrated in Simpkins School Campus , Agra. The programme commenced with the joint hoisting of the National flag at 9:30 a.m by the director of the school, Mr. Vijay Kumar, the Principal, Mr. Sharat Kumar Singh and the Manager Mrs. Reeta Saha followed by the National Anthem. The freedom fighters were paid tribute by lighting the lamp and garlanding their portraits. Many patriotic songs were also played on the occasion followed by a short programme. The school echoed with the sounds of Bharat Mata Ki Jai. The Principal addressed the students in the assembly appealing them to understand the value of the hard won freedom and the need of education. He stressed that it was high time for all to pull up their socks, understand their duties and to do self-evaluation so that team Simpkins could cross every hurdle successfully. The students were then sent to their classes where the traditional sweet ‘laddos’ were distributed to them.

Later, the staff from the Shahganj and the Jaipur House branches collected in the cultural hall where the whole Simpkins family celebrated the Republic Day enthusiastically . Teachers contributed their best, Patriotic poems and songs with the school band were the centre of attraction. Mrs Reeta Saha concluded the programme with a melodious song. Snacks , Sweets and tea  were circulated although the meet. The programme was hosted by Ms Savita, Ms prachi & Ms. Suneet Kaur. Before calling it a day at 1:30 p.m the Principal greeted all, stressing once again upon the importance of unity and cooperation to work effectively in any institution.  

Date: 30-08-2014

Toppers Students of School

2013-14 batch of class 10 was awarded with merit certificates which were sent from the C.B.S.E board. 49 students of Simpkins scored 10 CGPA in all five subjects. The excellent hard work and success of these children was appreciated by Honorable Director Mr. Vijay Kumar and Manager Ms. Rita Saha. The Director and Manager blessed these children with never ending success throughout their lives.

Date: 16-08-2014

 Krishna Janmashtami

On 16-08-2014 Simpkins School celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. The Director Shri Vijay Kumar and the Manager Smt. Reeta Saha garlanded the idol of goddess Saraswati and Lord Krishna. On this occasion the students of the school dramatized the marriage of Vasudev and Devki, the birth of Lord Krishna, the childhood antics of Lord Krishna amorous pranks of Krishna with gopies and the staining of Vakasur and Kans. The young artist of Simpkins School presented their attractive dance on “Govinda Aala Re”. These presentations transported us to dwapar era Mathura Nagri. All the spectators appreciated these performances of these young artists. The Director and the Manager left the students with an inspirational thought of being loyal in all spheres of life like Lord Krishna.

 Date: 15-08-2014

Independence Day

68th Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at Simpkins School on 15th August 2014. Our worthy Director Shri Vijay Kumar hoisted the tri-colour flag and whole premises was-reverberated with National Anthem.

Then the Director Shri Vijay Kumar and Manager Smt. Reeta Saha garlanded the photograph of four martyrs by paying them homage. Each and every teacher offered the flowers to our martyrs as a mark of respect. The march past by the students was appreciated by one and all cultural programme was also admired by the clapping from the spectators. The tiny tots of nursery also presented to the audience a dance on the song “Mere Desh ki Dharti”. Another presentation “Thodi Si Dhool Meri” and “Satymev Jayate” also mesmerised all programme came to an end with the distribution of sweets.

 Date: 14-08-2014

Cabinet Members

On 14th August Investiture Ceremony was held at Simpkins School.

Aradhya Kulshrestha was elected as ‘Head Boy’ , Shruti saraswat as ‘Head Girl’, Ehsas Pachauri as ‘Vice Head Boy’, Purvi Agarwal as’ Vice Head Girl’. The school Director Shri Vijay Kumar and Manager Mrs Reeta Saha handed over the sashes and badges to these students.

Captains for the four houses Fraternity, Integrity, Loyalty and Courtesy were administered oath. Shivi Kulshrestha, Rohit Pathak , Rishabh Mahajan, Pragya Upadhyay, Pragati Sharma, Akansha and Aditi Mishra were appointed with their house duties. Shivani Gautam and Shivani Sagar were appointed as Cultural Incharges. Aastik Srivastava and Vaibhav were given the duties of Discipline for the session 2014-15. Akash Tiwari and Sumit Sagar elected as Sports Captain. An Oath was also taken by all cabinet members that they will fulfill to the best of their abilities.

Members of Management Committee, congratulated all the cabinet members and blessed them for a bright future.

The whole Programme was anchored by Miss Prachi Upadhyay.

Ms. Neeta Garg, Ms. Reeta Saha, Dr. U.C.Jain, Ms. Shweta Jain, Ms. Lucky Arora, Ms. B.Anitha, were the backbone to this event and co-operated to make this ceremony a grand success.



Science Exhibition in Simpkins School

Science Exhibition was organized in Simpkins School on 26 July 2014. Students from various grades participated in the exhibition and about 180 models were prepared by them. The main focus was on science technology and society. The programme was inaugurated by the chief Guest Prof. Birbal ( R.B.S college, Agra) and Mr. K.K Singh ( Ex. Principal, Agra College) Dr. Prabhat Varshney and special guest Mataji, Chief guest viewed and asked questions related to the models and students answered with full enthusiasm. The models prepared and much appreciated were solar AC, Rain harvesting , Eco city Electronic Answer Board, Food Adulteration ,Eco Village , water purification system, Ayurvedic Remedies, Hydro Electricity , Bio Diesel Future city etc. Judges complemented children on their achievements.

Date: 10-07-2014

Monsoon Party at Simpkins Nursery School

Today on 10-07-2014 tiny tots of classes play group to K.G. invited monsoon through Monsoon Party. Children did rain dance with umbrellas on ‘Barso Re Megha’.  Director Mr. Vijay Kumar, Manager Mrs. Reeta Saha, Principal Mrs. Bhavana Kulshrestha and Mrs. Lucky Arora along with the staff of Nursery wing were also present there. After dance children enjoyed hot corns.                                                                                               

 Mothers Day Celebration at Simpkins School

 Date: 10-05-2014

On 10th May 2014 Mother’s Day was celebrated in Simpkins School Agra. Special Assembly was organized where tiny tots of Nursery and students of Primary wing gave their performance through dance based on ‘Mother’. Children made cards for their mothers.


Date: 03-05-2014

The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book. With this belief Simpkins School organized a book fair in the school campus on 3rd May, the Saturday in order to promote reading habit among the students. Books ranging for all segments-children  and elders were on display. Parents and children  were excited in selecting the books for them. Teachers were also equally engrossed in making the best selection of books for them.

Celebration of International Dance Day

Date : 29-04-2014

On 29th of April, Simpkins School, Agra celebrated International Dance Day with an ambience of harmony between different cultures and traditions. Director Mr. Vijay Kumar Kohli and Manager Ms. Reeta Saha presented a bouquet and welcomed the chief guest , Prof., Roman Singh Dhakad, a renowned Kathak Dance Maestro.

Shivangi Sarkar performed Kathak dance and Bhuvnesh Dutt synchronized it with western dance.

The chief guest highly appreciated the performance and also made everyone aware of the importance of dance.

 Fresher’s Party and Puppet Show

Date : 28-04-2014

 Simpkins Nursery School celebrated Fresher’s party on 28th April 2014. The main attraction of the party were masks. The tiny toddlers enjoyed on dance beat by wearing the masks. Refreshment was also provided by the school to the little kids. On the same day ‘Puppet Show’ was also organized for the Pre-Primary and Primary School.

 Young Enthusiasts Expressed Their Gratitude To The Mother Earth

Date : 22-04-2014

Today, the young enthusiasts of Simpkins School expressed their gratitude to the mother earth on the occasion of the Earth Day. Tiny toddlers exhibited their gratefulness to the environment by planting saplings. The children of primary school prepared posters and models on environment and appealed to all to save it by our persistent efforts. The students of VI, VII, & VIII gave a message of clean environment and healthy men by making collage on “My Environment, My Responsibility”.. Class IX students gave vent to their feelings through the articles on the same topic. Class X students expresses their concern and responsibility towards the Earth by writing essays.                

Christmas Celebrations at Simpkins

 24th Dec., Agra.                      

Christmas was celebrated with éclat and enthusiasm at Simpkins School. The school has always been celebrating all festivals to inculcate the feeling of secularism among the students. The children of the school staged the Nativity Play beautifully to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with plum cake and muffins. Music Dance and the other cultural programmes mesmerized all.

 Simpkins Encouraged

The winners

A Skating Competition was held in G. D Goenka school Firozabad on 30-11-2013. The skaters of Simpkins Schools secured position by winning 12 medals in this competition. The Director Mr. Vijay Kumar & Manager Mrs. Reeta Saha appreciated the achievement and congratulated the students and the coach Mr. Varun Dixit

Annual Sports Day

On 14th Nov. 2013, Simpkins School organised ‘Annual Sports Day’ to coincide with Chacha Nehru’s birthday i.e. ‘Childrens Day’. The programme began when Director, Manager, Principal garlanded the picture of Chacha Nehru and release white pigeons to spread the message of peace. Various races like Frog Race; Jalebi Race, Belt-Shoe Race, Banana Race, Slow Cycle Race attracted the children with their performance, winners were awarded prizes to boost their morale. The programme concluded by singing National Anthem.    


The Students of classes VII to IX visited Fatehpur  Sikri from 9th to 12th Nov. 2013, where they acquired knowledge about Mughal history and enjoyed its art and architecture. They were acquainted with Jodha’s Mahal, Buland Darwaja and Holy Shrine of Shaikh Salim Chisti. The visit was a enjoyable learning experience for the students as also for the teachers who accompanied them.



 An Inter – School History Writing Contest was organized by Simpkins School in which 400 + history-enthusiasts, from 20 odd schools from around Agra, participated. Through this contest we endeavoured to delve out interesting historical events of eternal Agra. In the process we shared little known facts, unusual and unique untold historical stories of the city.

The judges Dr. Piyush Chauhan, Agra College and Dr. Narendra Yadav Agra College, appreciated the novel idea to revive interest in history.

Prizes went to-

I Prize- Shourya Pradeep Saxena from Sumeet Rahul Memorial School

II Prize- Nayan Jain from St George’s Unit II

III Prize- Varun Satsangi from Radha Ballabh School

Consolation Prize- Ujeer Yadav from St George’s Unit II

Consolation Prize- Shivam Kumar Sharma from MD Jain Inter College

Simpkins School also participated in the contest but being the host we were not in the fray for any prize position.


 At our Simpkins School, trips and excursions are a highlight of the school year. Our children learn more about the world beyond the four walls of the classroom. We attempt to develop in our children an appreciation and respect for all world religions. In this connection we have taken are pre-primary children to visit the Cathedral at on Saturday 26th October 2013.


4th September, 2013

On 4th September, 2013, a Japanese Delegation headed by Professor Kaoru Hayashi accompanied by 8 students from Bunkyo University, Japan & members  of The Organisation for industrial, spiritual & cultural advance (OISCA) visited our School, for the purpose of exchange of ideas on global issues and culture of both countries.

A Japanese dance presented by the students of Simpkins School attracted the visitors so much that they could not help but join it. A Question-Answer session was held to discuss major global issues.

The Vote of thanks was proposed by the Manager of the school, Mrs. Reeta Saha. The delegates then visited the heritage exhibition of different states organised by the school. They appreciated the efforts of the students and were enthralled by the exhibits from various states which gave them a glimpse of India and its rich culture and diversity.

The Honourable Director of the school, presented souvenirs to the guests. The programme came to an end with rendition of National Anthems of both the countries.

Major Dhyanchand Hockey Tournament

Date : 29th August 2013

Once again the Simpkinians have proved themselves in the field of sports. Major Dhyanchand Memorial Tournament was organized by U.P. Govt. at Eklavya Stadium, Agra on the National Sports Day i.e. 29th August 2013. The glowing team of Simpkins School won the final match defeating the team of Cantonment Board School, Agra

Well Done Boys!


Date : 24th August 2013

On Saturday August 24th 2013, our Principal has been honoured by Global Achievers Foundation and Economic and Human Resource Development Association with “the Indian Leadership Award for Education Excellence” for her dedication, demonstrated, excellence, creativity and initiative in the field of education.

Janmasthami Celebration

                                                      Date : 22th August 2013

 On the occasion of Janmasthami, Simpkins School resembled Braj Dham with numerous innocent and naughty Krishnas and the beautiful and elegant Radhas. The assembly started at a different note with bhajans like ” Mohan Ki Bansi Baje” followed by Dashavtar and an act related to the story of Krishna Satyabhama and Rukhmani


Dt: 6th August, 2013

On 6th August, 1945 the United States used a massive, atomic weapon against Hirsohima, Japan.

To make the students aware of the history of Hiroshima a small deamatization was held during the morning assembly, which highlighted the ill effects of the bomb.


Dt: 31st July, 2013

An Interhouse Science quiz was held in the school premises on 31st July 2013. The contest was in two categories. In the Ist category, students from classes VI to VIII participated, while in the second Category, students from classes IX to XII participated.

The results

In the first category Integrity House and in the second category Fraternity House bagged the first positions, whereas Loyality House stood second in the both the categories.


                              Date:27th July,2013

Students were thrilled with joy when a Magic Show was organized in the school premises on 27th and 29th July, 2013. The Show was by Mr. S. Kumar, a well known magician. Around 1200 students enjoyed the show with great interest and enthusiasm.


                              Date:27th July,2013

The school elected a new students’ cabinet in a great investiture ceremony on 27th July, 2013. On this occasion the students were made incharges of various offices. The members of the management and Madam Principal honoured the newly elected members, giving them their respective flags and badges. Siddharth Chauhan was declared the Head Boy and Megha Harplani the Head girl of the Simpkins School. In the end students took the oath led of Madam Principal.

Drawing Competition

Dt: 14/07/2013

A drawing competition was held in the school premises on 14th July 2013, which was organized by Amar Ujala. The theme given to the participants was patriotism (Maa tujhe Salam). Through their drawings Students expressed their patriotic feelings towards their country.


                                                   Dt: 13/07/2013

School celebrated Honour’s Day to felicitate meritorious students, who brought laurels to Simpkins and their families. Besides Merit Certificates cash prizes were awarded to the students. Rs. 5100/- to students who obtained more than 90% marks; Rs. 2100/- who got above 80% and 1100/- to those who got above 75% marks. The Simpkins family blessed the students and wished them good luck for their future careers.



 On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the first Principal of Simpkins, Late Mrs. Indu Sinha, a sincere tribute was paid to her on 12th July 13, 2013. On this day an Inter House Dance Competition was organized on the theme ‘Monsoon’. Loyalty house bagged the first position.  Sweets were also distributed among the students.

Habit of Dettol, Habit of Health

Dt: 11/07/2013

It is rightly said ‘Prevention is better than cure’. To make the students aware of the healthy habits, the Dettol, which is recommended by Indian Medical Association showed a small movie to the students of class I to V. Through the movie they explained the right way to wash hands and the ill effects of the dirty hands. They also distributed the bottle of Dettol hand wash to each and every child.

Plantation at Simpkins School

Dt: 11/07/2013

The school organized plantation programme in the school premises on 11th July ’13 with the helping hand of OISCA International and the Forest Department. On this occasion plants like neem, mango, banyan and many more were planted.


                                                       Date : 04/07/ 2013

To help out the people affected by the massive disaster at Uttrakhand , the school management handed over the bank draft of Rs. 80,000/- to Shri Zuher Bin Sagir, the District Magistrate of Agra.


 The natural catastrophe that occurred in Uttarakhand on 17th June 2013 was one of the most horrible devastation in the history of India. Thousands of people lost their lives there. The school management, the staff members and the students raised contribution for the victims. Prayers were offered to help the people who are still waiting for their family members.

Shining stars of Simpkins

                                                                             Date : 27th may,2013

 AISSCE 2013 result was declared on 27thMay,2013 . 22 student from our school came out with flying colors, scoring more than 90%. Among them Shubhangi Kulshrestha scored the highest in Commerce stream with 95.6% whereas Nisha Vardani scored 95.4% in Science stream.


                                                                                                DATE:23rd  May,2013

 Media plays an important role in our life. This was very clearly explained to the students of our school when they got the privilege to interact with two famous journalists of Agra , Mr Dushant Kumar from The Amar Ujala and Ms. Rachana Upadhayay  from The Hindustan Times. They explained to the students how the news is collected and all the stages before it gets printed. They also explained how the students can opt for this  profession.



                                                      Date : 20th May 2013

Director’s Day was celebrated in the school campus on 20th May. A special Day in the history of Simpkins where everybody was filled with enthusiasm to wish our honorable and adorable Director Sir “Happy Birthday”. Students expressed their feelings by giving beautiful handmade cards and bouquets. The staff of Simpkins participated very actively and gave cards and gifts as a token of love. In the evening there was a get together which was enjoyed by everybody.  


                                                      Date : 13th May to 27th May

In order to make the students more creative and occupied during summer holidays, the summer camp was organized in our school campus from 13th May to 27th May. Different activities like sketching painting, calligraphy, photography, skating, yoga and many more interesting skills were taught in the camp. During evening hours students enjoyed indoor as well as outdoor games. Special photography session was also conducted by Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, a famous photographer.       

Himalayan Trekking , an adventure tour

                                                      Date : 10th May to 17th May

Youth hostel Association of India organized an adventure tour to Dalhousie, Chamba District. Dozen students of our school got the privilege to experience this beautiful adventure tour. The experience of trekking, rafting and rappelling was awesome for the students. The students went to Khajiyar, a mini Switzerland and were wonderstruck after viewing the beauty of that place. They also got the privilege the beauty of that place. They also got the privilege to Mr. Kunal, a famous ornithologist and Mr. Raj Kumar an environmentalist. Mr. Manish and Mr. Anand lead the trekking expedition.


                                                      Date : 4th May , 2013

The chief guest on the occasion was Mrs. Anjula Mahaur who inaugurated the function with lighting of the lamp. The welcome address was given by the principal.

It was like a world tour with the tableaux from different countries, representing all the continents of the globe, emphasizing international peace, amity and tolerance amongst one another. The students participated whole heartedly with great zeal and enthusiasm. Music and dance, costumes and languages, sports and games, heritage and culture of different nations was depicted colourfully and won the accolades & appreciations of one and all present. The medley of dances of all these nations stole the show as it was awesome and breath taking. The prayer on world peace was followed by the releasing of white doves and white balloons for ever- lasting happiness.

In the end , the token of love and appreciation was presented by the Director Mr. vijay kumar and vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Reeta Saha the manager of the institution, gracing the occasion with their presence were O.P. Kohli and Mrs. Neelam Kohli.


EDUCATIONAL  TRIP  TO  THE  RED  FORT                                

 Date : 25th April, 2013

Students of class XI went on an educational trip to the Red Fort. The guide explained the history of the Mughal period and about the life style of the Mughal Emperors.

Students also enjoyed the light and sound show. They got the privilege to meet and shoot with the famous Pakistani singer Waris Begh.


VISIT  TO  THE  HEAD  POST  OFFICE                                         

Date:22nd April,2013

1700 Students visited the Heritage building of Head Post Office, to mark its centenary celebration. The students were explained the role, importance and working of the Post Office. Students acquired adequate information about the history of postal stamps.


REMEMBERING GODDESS DURGA                                      

DATE : 17th APRIL 2013 

To express our feelings and devotion to goddess Durga, a special morning assembly was conducted on ‘ASHTMI’.  A devotional song was sung by the students and the teachers. It was followed by a garba dance.



DATE: 13th APRIL,2013

 A very refreshing and exciting activity “THE RAIN DANCE” was organized for the students of pre-primary. All the students enjoyed this cool activity with music and had great fun.

The excited moments of the rain dance were highly appreciated by the School Director, the Manager and the Principal. They too enjoyed with the students.

            BAISAKHI CELEBRATION                                                          

DATE : 13th APRIL, 2013

On the occasion of the holy festival ‘BAISAKHI’, students once again proved their prowess while performing the Punjabi folk dance. Shabad bani was echoing during the morning assembly. Not only this, students also threw light on the history of Jallianwala Bagh. Various customs of Punjab were also highlighted during the assembly hours.

           THE RELEASE OF NEW PROSPECTUS                                   

  DATE: 6TH APRIL,2013

The new look Prospectus, manifesting the new dreams, new aspiration, new plans, new goals, was released on 6th April, 2013, as the School hailed back the Founder Director of the School. 

                                           Gender Bender .A march for equality                 

Date: 12th March, 2013

 Enough tried, Enough killed, Justice now. A lot has been tried and attempted to stop the violence against women. Women empowerment has become the talk of the day and in the same series the students of Simpkins School, Agra marched a rally against gender inequality in the country. On 12th March, 2012 a rally was given a start by Principal Bhavana Kulshrestha from its campus at Maruti Estate; students marched till the Bodla crossing, with eye opening banners and slogans like “You don’t have to be anti- man to be pro women”, “Women creates life but still without life”, “Start equality from home”, “Women is the power to create, nurture and transform”, “Empower others and your own power is not diminished”. With an objective to bring in light the issue of equality, violence, respect and power of women the rally witnessed the presence of 400 students from classes VI to XII. The students raised a voice against gender bias culture and religious norms prevailing in our society. Principal Bhavana Kulshreastha says that “our women folk only want equality, that is the equality of opportunity and equality of status will automatically follow. Equality has to begin from home. The girl child has a right to the same kind of encouragement that her brother gets.” Mr. Vijay Kohli, Director, Simpkins Said That “Hindu succession act 2005 has to be followed in spirit and daughters should get their rightful due. Only when they are educated and financially independent they will get equal status, with out having to fight for it. Even the British monarchy has made appropriate changes to laws to make way for a female heir, if she happens to be a first born.” School Manager Madam Rita Kohli Said that “Our girls feel the pangs of gender discrimination right from infancy and it magnifies all the more when they step out into the big wide world”. The Zeal and enthusiasm among the students showed a ray of hope for some social change to be seen in the society.

                                                                       Vasant Utsav Celebration                                 

Date: 14th February, 2013

Simpkins School celebrated the festival of freshness, colors and initiation, the day marked for the episteme of knowledge Maa Sanaswati. The special assembly started with offering prayers to Goddess Saraswati by reciting saraswati vandana. Students depicted a play to revive the importance of Vasant Panchami. Students participated in the various competitions held on the occasion. The small kids from Nursery to class III were dressed in yellow clothes, looking like bright sun flowers. The poems recitation competition filled the atmosphere with love and warmth for nature, and welcomed the spring season. The participants of the kite making competition were full of zeal and enthusiasm; they made beautiful kites that filled the sky, Students from senior class participated in the fresh flower arrangement and cooking without fire competition. The School Management and teachers also prayed to bless the students with knowledge and strength, and success in all ventures of life.

                                                                     64th Republic Day Celebration                            

Date: 26th January, 2013

The 64th Republic Day was commemorated with great sense of pride and honour along with a great amount of pomp and show at the school. The tri-colour unfurled by, the Director of the Institution, represented the prosperity, peace and bravery of the nation. The students sang the National Anthem, its tune instilling new life into the young minds. The atmosphere was filled with the spirit of love, devotion and honour towards the motherland. Through the classical rendezvous children exhibited the true spirit of Indian culture, amalgamating within its fold the theme of ‘unity in diversity’. Principal, Mrs. Bhawana Kulshrestha delivered an inspiring dialogue, high-lighting the sacrifices made by the unforgettable freedom-fighters of the Nation, and telling the students about their duties and responsibilities towards the nation.

                                                                   Youth Day                                                             

                                                                                                         Date: 12th January, 2013

A Seminar on ‘Youth Ignited” was commemorated to celebrate the Youth Day in honor of the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the great visionary of our Nation. Dr. Anila Mathur, Ex. HOD Botany, Agra College, Agra presided over the occasion. The Students presented a documentary on the life of Swami Vivekananda, highlighting various aspects of modern youth. The enthusiasm of the students left the audience awe stuck. The flame of spirit towards the country ignited in all its glory and magnificence could be read upon the faces of the children once the seminar got over. Each one of them vowed to walk on the foot prints of the Swami, henceforth.

Dr. Anila Mathur was extremely pleased to see students bursting out in spirit for the great seer of the country. She applauded by saying that she was impressed by the student’s dedication towards the great leader and she was sure that these students shall surely carry the torch lit by Swami Vivekananda ahead to ignite the flame for the future of India.

                                                                    Digital Photography Contest                          

  Date:28th December 2012

With an objective to give our children a critical eye, the activities and phenomenon around them that people tend to overlook. On the theme of “It happens only in India” the students who wish to try hands at photography were given a platform in the form of a digital online photography contest. It encouraged & developed creativity & innovative ideas in children. The competition attracted students from Class VIII to XII for all the schools. There was an overwhelming participation and students from around 25 schools of Agra and other states of India participated. Renowned people from the photography industry Mr. Brajesh Singh and Mr. Lalit Rajoria were the eminent judges for the contest. The entries received were a master piece of its own kind, students vouched for photographs of vivid activities, some presented the natural beauty of the country while some presented the harsh realities of life. The winners were selected under two categories, “Popular Choice” and the ‘Judges Choice”. In the Judges’ choice category the first prize was awarded to Agraj Kulshrestha of Simpkins School, Second prize to Garv Lalwani of St. Peters College, Agra, and Third prize was bagged by Akshay Batra of Simpkins School. In the Popular Choice category the first prize went to Tanmay Garg of G.D. Goenka Public School, Second prize for Garv Lalwani of St. Peters College and the Third Prize was for Agraj Kulshrestha of Simpkins School.

                                                          Cultural Fiesta at Simpkins                             

Date:28th December, 2012

The Hitopdesh of Vasudhev kutumbhakam which emphasizes the Indian concept of Integrity meaning the world as a family was presented at the Annual Day. Unfolding the diversity of the world, this became the back-bone of the function depicting in all its grandeur, the vivid cultures flourishing around the world.

Mr. Shiv Prasad Paliwal presided over the function. The chief Guest on the Occasion was ADM City, Mr. Arun Prakash and Guest of Honour Dr. M.C Gupta. The program began with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest followed by the auspicious invocation of lord Ganesha. The program in all its magnificence, luster and glory revived the spirit of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. The program highlighted the amalgamation of loyalty towards our own traditions and reverence towards the traditions of others.

The stage came alive with the Kangaroos from down under Followed by the formidable Mongols swaying to their melodious tunes; The Russian peasants dancing away in revelry; The flamboyant Rio Carnival; whirling mystic Sufis from Turkey; Taekwondo to Gangnam style from Korea; The African Lion Safari; the giant Chinese Dragon rose from its slumber, and the Bodhisattva Dance left all awe-struck, The Pharaoh with his Saturn’s walking like the Egyptians, The kaleidoscopic bonanza and extravaganza ended on a solemn note of ‘One world one dream’. The grand finale of Simpkins with 1000 thousand students on stage stole away the audience heart.

                                                      Money Saving – by SEBI                                 

                                                                                                 Date: 11th December, 2012

Mr. Parag Gautam, a financial educationist from Security & Exchange board of India visited Simpkins School to enrich the students with the methods of saving money. Sir highlighted the different programs on saving money run by the SEBI especially for children. He highlighted that every person should save some amount of his current money for future, he gave an idea on the investment in future shares, mutual funds, insurance and other investment options. Students were fervent to meet an industry expert to solve their problems and looked inquisitive to ask various questions to Mr. Gautam. Director,  solicited Mr. Gautam for his presence.

                                                          A Gala Feta & Diwali Bonanza                        

                                                                                                Date: 10th November, 2012

Simpkins School was filled with great extravaganza of pomp and show, fun & frolic and glamorous fanfare. The commemoration was attended by maximum number of students with their friends and parents. The celebration commenced with the lighting of the lamp in front of Ma Sarawati by The A.D.M. City, Mr. Arun Prakash followed by the inspirational speech delivered by the Director who was very happy to see the hard work put in by the students and showered his blessings for successful culmination of the Fete.

The gala event was full of excitement and fun. Stalls of different appetizing delicacies like chollae Bhature, Golgappe, Bhelpure, Mommos, cold drinks were displayed with very attractive and eye-catching stall decorations. The most enthralling and crowd-catching were the joy rides specially that of a horse. The best attraction was the fancy dress competition in which the children dressed up in different cartoon outfits imitating quite closely- Tom & Jerry, Hana Montana, Ben -10, Mickey Mouse etc. There was a lucky draw on the entry tickets which was bagged by Shubhanshu & Devanshu.

                                                                Diwali Celebration                                              

                                                                                                  Date: 9th November, 2012

The bright festival of Diwali was heralded at Simpkins School with great funfair. The grand enactment of the ‘Ramlila’ as is narrated in the epic ‘Ramcharitamanas’ stole the show. Some 100 students from the school participated and contributed in the Ramayana. This was followed by the prayer offerings to the mother of wealth and prosperity Goddess Laxmi and to Shri Ganesha by the President of the school, Director, Manager and Principal Smt. Bhavana Kulshrestha. The Commemoration gained momentum with the cultural programme in which students recited poetry, gave dance performances and sang songs on Diwali. Earthen lamps and candles were lighted by the students which filled the school premises with love, brotherhood and happiness. Under the care and guidance of teachers, the students burst crackers and rockets and vowed to work in the direction of world peace and to celebrate the occasion in an eco-friendly way. The aim of the celebration was to enlighten the students about the characters of Ramayana and to teach them the moral that ‘Truth always prevails’. The celebration concluded with great excitement and enthusiasm with sweets distribution.

                                                      A Bonanza of Colors at Simpkiins               

                                                                                                   Date: 13th September 2012

Simpkins School hosted the carnival of colors under the aegis of the Association of Progressive Schools of Agra. Around 30 schools participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the Rangoli Competition. The Honourable Chief Guest, Mr. Inderjeet Arya, the Mayor of Agra, lighted the lamp for the auspicious beginning. The Guest of Honor, Mr. Ashwini Sharma, Head of the Department Fine Arts, Agra College, blessed the students. Also the event was blessed with the presence of eminent people from APSA. All competitors through their colorful Art exhibited Indian Culture and its ideal of unity in diversity. Mrs. Bhavana Kulshrestha, Principal, Simpkins School addressed the participants and threw light upon the various aspects of Rangoli – its cultural need and importance. Beautiful dance recital was performed by the students of Simpkins School to evoke Maa Saraswati. The honorable judges Dr. Sadhana Singh and Neelam Sharma, Professors of Baikunti Devi Girl’s College, Agra heartedly appreciated the endeavors of the students.

In the senior section the first prize was bagged by Prelude Public School and the amongst junior’s St. Cornord’s School stood first.

                                                         Educational Trip to the Parliament                     

                                                                                                       Date: 1st October, 2012

A contingent of 500 students from Simpkins visited the Parliament to get a learning experience and see where India is shaped and reshaped. The imposing Sansad Bhavan that stands virtually unnoticed at the end of Sansad Marg was inaugurated in 1927; it is the place where the world’s largest democracy works.

The students enquired from their show guide as to where Derek O’Brien & Sachin Tendulkar sit; Where Bhagat Singh sat when he threw the bomb? How despite of all security terrorists could penetrate the Parliament in 2001? Mr Gajendra Singh from RajyaSabha answered all these questions that seemed to amuse him. He informed -“In the history of the Parliament House, Simpkins School is the single largest group of students that had ever visited the Parliament House.”

Principal Ms Bhavana Kulshrestha informed the students that, “The Montague-Chelmsford Reforms of 1919 paved way for the Parliament.”  Students excitedly wandered around the voluminous corridor and counted the number of columns. They visited the semi-circular LokSabha and RajyaSabha and were over-awed to stand outside Sonia Gandhi’s office. Later the students took a round to the India Gate and had a splendid time in the capital of the country.

                                                           Cyclothon, Petition & Nukkad Natak           

                                                                                               Date: 29th September, 2012

VASUNDHARA Eco Club of Simpkins School organized a Cyclothon to revive the joy of cycling. Over 500 participants from all age groups participated. Lending his support director asked students to take up cycling regularly for its dual benefits of keeping oneself and the environment healthy. Mrs. Sarvesh Chahar flagged-off the rally at 8.00 am. The event started from Simpkins School, Maruti Estate up till Simpkins School, Jaipur House. The Principal Ms. Bhavana Kulshrestha pointed out that the basic infrastructure and the streets are very unsafe for a cycle user due to which cycling is discouraged.

The school head-boy Zeeshan Saifi handed a petition letter to the MLA Mr.Yogendra Upadhyay highlighting the problems in the school vicinity. The students presented a street play “PARIVARTAN” underscoring their problems. MR. Upadhyay promised to look into the matter and praised the initiative as a change element for the world. Also present on the occasion were environmentalist Mr. Raman, member monitoring committee, Supreme Court, Dr. Sanjay Kapoor, Dr. Anil Vashishtha, Dr. Tarun Sharma.

                                 Career Counseling – Beyond The Silver Screen  

                                                                                                 Date: 17th September 2012

A seminar was organized on career guidance through the silver screen. Mr. Mehul Bhanti from the “Film and Television Institute, Pune” was present to guide the various courses offered by the institute. He enlightened the students on various fundamental Aspects of film production. The inquisitive students asked various questions about the industry and film fraternity. A student enquired that keeping in mind the glamour and exposure how far is it realistic to venture a career in film industry. Mr. Bhanti clarified that film are made not only for glamour but for societal rebuilding and bringing out realities in life. 

                                                               Teacher’s Day Celebration                               

                                                                                                    Date: 5th September 2012

On the 15th Death Anniversary of Mother Teresa, Simpkins School remembered the epitome of kindness and love by paying homage to her. President, Director, Manager and Principal Mrs. Bhawana Kulshrestha  garlanded her and paid the tribute. Also remembering Sarvopalli Radha Krishnan on his birthday, the teachers at the school were given a heartily welcome by the students. The students prepared for a cultural program on lieu of the occasion.

On this occasion the principal highlighted the achievements and milestones achieved by both these great personalities and urged that we should learn from their examples about life and values.


                                                                                               Dated: 18th August 2012

With the end of the month of Ramzan the day of ID arrived with lot of happiness and peace. The well known Story of “IDGAH” written by Munshi Prem Chand became skit for the day. The skit was enacted and mastered by the students of class 3 at Simpkins. It was a revelation to see these kids perform the moral story of the Hero Hamid. The story is a great lesson for the kids as it depicts the sentiments of a small poor boy who did not had much money to spend on ID, he too felt tempted to the things in the shops that his friend were spending on, but knowing his condition well he decided not to spend on momentary things like sweets and joy rides but to buy a kitchen utensil for his old grand ma than can save her from burning her hands every day. This was a depiction of the moral values that Simpkins aim to promote among the students. Principal Mrs. Bhavana Kulshrestha Blessed the students and told them about the importance of the day and to forget all the past grudges and be united from this day. Mrs. Neeta Garg, Administrator orated the vote of thanks.

                                             Independence Day & Investiture Ceremony   

                                                                                                         Dated: 15th August 2012

Simpkins School witnessed a spectacular and stupendous Assembly followed by a rejuvenating Oath Ceremony on the occasion of the Investiture Ceremony. The program began with the dignitaries including Chief Guest Col. Shiv Kunzroo, Principal Mrs. Bhavana Kulshrestha and Administrator Mrs. Neeta Garg.

The beginning was blessed with devotion by lighting lamp. The Principal gave the welcome address. The OATH-TAKING ceremony for the school office-bearers was held in the presence of the dignitaries. The list holding the names:

  • Zeeshan Safi as Head boy
  • Ayushi Dodeja as Head girl
  • Vanshika Dhanwani as Vice Head girl
  • Akshat Gupta as Vice Head boy
  • Naresh Dembla as Captain of Loyalty House
  • Megha Harpalani as vice-captain of Loyalty House
  • Akshat Srivastava as captain of Integrity House
  • Shristi Harpalani as vice-captain of Integrity House
  • Shivani Kulshrestha  as Captain of Fraternity House
  • Pratik Tilwani as vice-captain of Fraternity House
  • Shubhangi Kulshreshtha as captain of Courtesy House
  • Mayank Gupta as vice-captain of Courtesy House
  • Dhruv Solanki as sports Vice Captain
  • Deepti Dubey as sports Vice Captain
  • Punita Gupta as cultural In charge

 The new helmsmen led by its Principal Mrs. Bhavana Kulshrestha, took oath with full vigor and vitality.

An impressive march past followed by the Fancy Dress & Recitation Competition stole the show. Vidushi Pandey, Aman, Shweta, Akansha & Madhusudan held the Microphones and made it even more remarkable.

                                                         Krishna Janmastami                                             

                                                                                                           Dated: 9th August 2012

“Maiya Mori Mai Nahi Makhan Khayo” – Simpkins School looked like a Braj Dham with so many innocent & Notorious Krishna and the Beautiful and Elegant Radha. On the eve of Janmasthami, the aura at Simpkins was filled with love and devotion, where the assembly started at a different note with bhajans like “Chotte Chotte Gaiya Chotte Chotte Gwal”. Principle Ms. Bhavana Kulshrestrha asked various questions to the inquisitive students on the occasion. The event was overall coordinated by Ms. Shraddha Kulshrestha.

                                                   Hiroshima Day                                                      

                                                                                                           Dated: 6th August 2012

The morning assembly started with the students held in condolence for the people who witnessed this black day. The students, staffs and members of Simpkins family lit a candle march praying that the souls of the people who lost their life rest in peace.  Director Mr. Saurabh Sinha addressed the students telling them that this has been a day of great human disaster. On this day in 1945 the American army attacked Japan with the atom bomb called “Little Boy” at Hiroshima. Around 90,000 to 16,000 people were killed in the massacre, also leading to a loss of the industrialized city. Secondly on 9th August the same year they bombarded yet another city of Japan, Nagasaki with “Fat Man”. Manager . Principle Ms. Bhavana Kulshrestha advised the students to make the best use of their knowledge and education n making constructive and not destructive products. She quoted Einstein who once said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” She also read out the poem “After Blenheim” for the students. The program ended with a presentation on Hiroshima.

                                                              Science Exhibition                                                     

                                                                                                              Dated: 31st July 2012

The premise of Simpkins School Agra was filled with ideas and innovations on the occasion of science exhibition held on 31.7.12. The students from class 4 to 12 were filled with enthusiasm to showcase their talent. Inaugurated by , the president of the organizing committee, the event became a platform for the budding scientists to reform the world. To start with the solar water pump was found highly useful in saving electricity. Who among the audience must have thought of the injuries that can be caused by ignoring to wear a helmet? The metal detector project remained the center of attraction for the gadget lovers. Then were the automatic street lights, the use of polluting carbon dioxide in making methane that can be used for household use, producing electricity with candle , savage water treatment plant etc. the list goes endless to comprise the unmatched aptitude of the students.  Principal Ms. Bhavana Kulshrestha and Administrator Ms. Neeta Garg highly appreciated the teachers for their support and guidance and praised the students for their attempt.

                                                   Remembering the Martyrs of Kargil                   

                                                                                                               Dated: 26th July 2012

A tribute was paid to the war heroes of “Kargil” on the occasion of ‘VIJAY DIWAS’. A special assembly was conducted to pay tribute to those martyrs whose story of valor and bravery are indomitable. Members of Management, Principal, Staff and children honoured the heroes of Kargil by garlanding and they also honoured immortal Capt. Ashish Deva’s parents with bouquet and shawl. The ceremony concluded with a song “Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo” and paid tribute to all Kargil Heroes who died protecting our lives.

                                                           Founder’s Day                                                          

                                                                                                             Date : 13th July 2012

To cherish the memories of Founder of Simpkins School, Lt.Mrs.Indu Sinha, Founder’s Day was observed in the school. To make the auspicious day more memorable an Inter House Singing Competition, based on the theme “MAA” was organized. A student of class X Shweta Khatri threw light on the personality of our beloved founder mother. A slide show of her “JOURNEY OF LIFE” was also presented. In the same series Simpkins also launched its new-look website.

                                                           Meditation Session                                                                                                                                                                       Date : 04th July 2012

An organization, Art of Living founded by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar held a meditation session in the School. A well known representative of this organization Mr. Vikas Saraswat held the session and enlightened the School Management and staff with nuances of imparting stress free education. He talked about the various factors of stress and measures to d-stress them.

                                                            Honours Day                                                              

                                                                                                              Date: 03rd June 2012

Honours Day was celebrated in the school where all the meritorious achievers of Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination were felicitated and scholarships were awarded. Renowned Social Worker Mr.Shiv Prasad was the Chief Guest. Parents of all the sparkling gems graced the occasion with their presence.

                                                            Summer Camp                               

                                                                                  Date: 15th May 2012 – 30th May 2012

In order to make best use of the summer vacation and to make it more exiting and enjoyable, a summer camp was organized in the school campus. Many creative activities took place during the camp, so as to help the students learn something new in a safe and nurturing environment. Various activities conducted were: Sketching, Painting, Quiz Club, Photography Club, Nature Club, Cyber club, Singing, Instrumental Music, Flower Making, Mehandi, Literary Club, Dance, Yoga, Craft, Spoken English, Grooming and personality Development, Calligraphy, Needle work Chess, Skating, Taekwondo, Dramatics, Judo, Bad-Minton, Cricket, Basket-Ball, Volleyball Table Tennis etc. The Closing ceremony was organized on 30th May 2012, in which learners of summer camp displayed their

                                                                 Art & Craft Competition                                           

                                                                                                                Date: 14th May 2012

The competition was scheduled for classes I to XII. In the craft competition any useful or decorative thing was to be made out from waste material. Drawing competition was based on different topics for different classes.

Class Topic
I to V Picnic
  Precious Gift of Nature
  My Dream
VI to XII Enjoy the summer Vacation
  Child Labour
  Green House Effect or Global Warning

                                                                     Mother’s Day

                                                                                                                Date:12th May 2012

To express our feelings and devotion for our mothers, a special morning assembly was conducted. A small quiz was also conducted during assembly hours related to mothers of great personalities. It was forwarded by a celebration in Nursery Wing, in which the mothers of Kindergarten students were called and they were honoured. A Rangoli competition was also held, among the mother. Honouring the destitute mothers of our community, a refrigerator was donated at the old women’s home, in which there was as a joint contribution of Staff members and the Management.

                                                           Remembering Gurudev                                               

                                                                                                                Date: 7th May 2012

On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, a special morning assembly was conducted, in which garlanding was done by the principal and other staff Members.


                                                          Heritage Trip                                                               

                                                                                                                 Date:28th April 2012

An educational heritage trip was organized for the students from classes I to V to SIKANDRA and MARIAM ZAMANI’S TOMB. A day before, excerpts from the movie ‘JODHA AKBAR’ were also shown to the students through smart-boards so as to give them an opportunity to know and learn more about one of the Great Mughal ruler ‘AKBAR’ and his connection to our city.

                                                         Book – Week

         Date: 23rd April 2012 – 28th April 2012

On the occasion of ‘ World Book Day’, the week from 23rd April 2012 – 28th April 2012 was observed as “Book Week”. Under the head, various events took place for all the students, on different dates.

The events organized were as follows :-

S.No. Date Class Events Details
1 23.4.12 VI-VIII Quizo-
Quiz- Sheet was provided to the students in which questions were based on the topics– story books, authors, book characters, periodicals.
2. 25.4.12 IX Skit Students of all sections performed skit on the various topics, taken from ‘Amarchitrakatha’.
3. 26.4.12 I – V Recitation All the students recited poems in groups on the topic ‘Books’.
4. 27.4.12 XI Elocution The activity was based on the topic ‘Reading makes a man perfect’. Interested students participated and performed enthusiastically.
5. 28.4.12 Pre-primary(P.g., Nur., K.g..) Fancy dress show Students dressed up themselves as various characters based on story books, like, Cinderella, Fairy, Aladin, Superman, etc.
6. 28.4.12 X Skit Students of all sections performed skit on the various topics related to social affairs, like consumer rights, parents rights in the developments of children etc.

In addition, an activity “Letter to the Author” was organized during the week for the students of classes IX-XII. Under this, a book was provided to the students for a day and they were asked to write a letter to the author expressing their views about the book.

To conclude ‘Book Week’ an amazing ‘BOOK FAIR’ was organized on 30th April 2012. Students along with their parents were invited to visit the fair. Separate book corners were arranged in the fair, where books related to different subjects were placed. Many students marked their presence and made the day wonderful and knowledgeable.

Water – Play

                                                                                                                Date: 21st April 2012

To make summers cool and enjoyable, a refreshing activity ‘WATER–PLAY’ was organized for the students of pre-primary. All the students enjoyed the activity along with music and had great fun.

Remembering Titanic

                                                                                                               Date: 13th April 2012

Sinking of the ship ‘TITANIC’ on 14th -15th April 1912 was one of the most tragic accidents in the world history. Remembering one of the most disastrous incidents, a speech was delivered, followed by a quiz on the same topic in the morning assembly. Further, movie ‘TITANIC’ was shown to the students through smart-boards to generate more awareness and to learn lessons from history.

                                                              Save Yamuna                                                            

                                                                                                               DATE : 9th April 2012

Many initiatives have been undertaken to save the holy river “YAMUNA” from pollution. Under the same noble cause Bollywood celebrity PRIYANKA CHOPRA joined the movement. Students of our school also participated. Write-ups of varying lengths were written by all students on the topic “What I can do to save Yamuna”.