Press Release


Date : 21-06-2016

International Yoga Day Celebration at Simpkins

‘International Yoga Day’ was organized at Simpkins on 21 June. The initiation was done by Yoga Prayer. It was followed by students performing various asanas, under the guidance of an instructor. ‘Surya- Namaskar’ began the Yoga Practice. Further ‘Anulom-Vilom, Tada-asana, Vajra Asana, Manduka Asana, Chakra Asana, Paschimota-asana were practiced concluding with ‘Sidha Asana. Almost 1000 students & teachers participated in this activity. The instructors were-Prerna Bhatnagar & Renu Jain. Various competitions were also organized on this day as- Essay writing, Drawing, Poster Making, General Knowledge etc. The themes of all the competitions were – ‘Yoga – An art of living healthy life’ & ‘Importance of Yoga’. Class 1 to 5 students enjoyed practicing asanas with music, they were thrilled to enjoy it.

Director Vijay Kumar advised the students about the importance of practicing yoga daily. Manager – Rita Saha disclosed the fact that happiness & healthy outlook is the result of regular yoga practice. The programme was managed by Shraddha Kulshrestha & with the efforts of teachers that made it a successful event.