Principal’s Message

Principal’s Address

The past academic year has been a very eventful one at Simpkins in terms of student achievements and we wish to share some of these proud moments with you.  Our legacy of strong results confirms that we are working in the right direction and is a big morale booster, both for the school, and for our parents and students who have placed much faith and trust in us. It is the fulfilling outcome of  the comprehensive broad-base knowledge and the exposure that our students acquire during their years with us, which makes them self-assured and confident, empowering them with conviction and courage to follow their dreams. They are brought up to value the virtue of sustained hard-work, building in the process their strength, determination, perseverance and resilience.  No wonder, our children do well wherever they are! 

          Moving forward into the next academic session, we have already begun fine-tuning our curriculum and processes to enhance the school experience of our students. Over the last few months, members of our top management team have had several rounds of cerebration on ways that the school can improve further.  An observation attributed to Confucius may offer us great insight- “They must change who would be constant in happiness and wisdom.”  As we enter upon the new session, we welcome the rhythm of change. As we move through this era of transformation, we have to remember that different times require us to do our work in different ways. But in doing so, we must sustain the elements of our past that define our identity and that matter the most. New dreams, new aspirations, new goals, new hopes goad us forward and we  assure you that, as always, Simpkins doors will remain open to the students and their parents for any suggestion or guidance.

with best wishes,